Today’s Experiment – Wonder

This is a re-post and reminder to bring wonder into your day today 💛

Thoughts and beliefs create how we see the world around us

This is our reality

Our thinking is not the truth

The truth is beyond our thoughts and beliefs

Trust that there is so much more than what is already known

Take time to come into the present moment


And see your world through the lens of wonder

Notice with an open heart and mind

Let go of your thinking

And let in whatever shows up that was once hidden


23 thoughts on “Today’s Experiment – Wonder

  1. “What was once hidden….” Lovely thought to take to meditation today. As I settle my mind into the spaces between thought, I look forward to such hidden wonders.

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  2. Inner peace blossoms when thought ceases, in my opinion

    Look back at wonderment in your life

    Seeing a perfect flower in nature, experiences a special smile from your child or some mundane moment empty of thought

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