* Simple Advice

“The advice we give others is what we most need to give ourselves.”

 cat advising kitten


Take a moment and think about what advice you tend to give others.

Perhaps it is to slow down … to not be concerned about what others think … to be careful with their words … to be kinder … to be more accepting … to let go.

Is it something you are working on yourself? A valuable lesson learned? Or perhaps its something for you to address for yourself …

And now its your turn … 🙂



16 thoughts on “* Simple Advice

  1. Great post Val! I think in our effort to make people like us (consciously or unconsciously) we sometimes give advice that mirrors our own strengths, i.e., be more open, when we’re open, or forgive, when it is our own practice to do so… make sense?
    Diana xo


    • As we get older Diana, I think what we have worked on does become special to us and we want to share the goodness learned … When we are younger it may be a strength … Or a blind spot 😉
      Thanks for your comment Diana. I’m sitting in a wifi hot spot in a converted barn! The old meets the new 😉
      Val x


    • I agree Nancy… there seems to be phases of advice giving. When it is a blind spot that we need to pay attention to… then its something we are working on .. then its lessons learned – at the crone stage 😉


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