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Inspiration – Life, Nature and Spirituality


“What if our religion was each other

If our practice was our life

If prayer, our words.

What if the temple was the  Earth

If forests were our church

If holy water, the rivers lakes and ocean.

What if meditation was our relationships

If the teacher was life

If wisdom was self-knowledge

If love was the center of our being”

Ganga White


Mindful being

No dogma required

Spiritual connectivity


Found in the place I call our Middle Ground


7 comments on “Inspiration – Life, Nature and Spirituality

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    What a lovely poem to leave us with. It captures my view of spirituality perfectly. Enjoy your vacation.


  2. Have a great trip . . . full of heart in the center of your being.


  3. Love this poem. It really spelled out to me how we search for peace and happiness in our lives, and it is found within us if only we took the time to look.


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