The world we live in is one of energy and elements.

In this world everything is neutral.

It is our thinking that creates the idea of good and bad.

quote from William Shakespeare

Our thinking creates distinctions such as  “me” “us” and ‘them”. Our thinking creates attachment to things that give us pleasure and aversion to things that bring discomfort and fear.

We have such an amazing capacity in our minds to filter out things and to imagine others.

As human beings we create our own reality.

We make judgments about what is good and bad, right and wrong.

… Take away the thinking mind and everything becomes neutral.

So let go.

Come into the present moment.

And tune into the natural flow of life.

go with the flow Peggy Collins
Photograph by Peggy Collins

There will always be highs and lows in life because of how our thinking perceives the world.

Our role is to go with the flow, acknowledge the reality that we are creating and be open to something more than our thinking.

When we let go of our thinking and witness the neutrality, we become open to experience a sense of connection, love and peace that is beyond what we have known before.

Thank you for being on this journey together.



18 comments on “* Everything is Neutral

  1. Really good post and something to have in mind here Val 🙂
    We need to try to live in the moment, best possible, which also help us to find our inner peace. Thanks for sharing.


  2. ‘When we let go of our thinking and witness the neutrality, we become open to experience a sense of connection, love and peace . . .’

    You have it all in a nutshell here Val; if I may say so. Many congratulations on writing this eloquent, lucid and insightful post.

    With gratitude and respect, Hariod Brawn.


  3. Wow Val! This is truly something to chew on. At first I thought what the…? and then I thought about the different things that happen to people and the different ways that people handle certain situations and how that changes their experience in the situation to something positive or something negative… ❤
    Diana xo


  4. Healing Grief

    A beautiful friend of mine who is an Author wrote “Neutral means the mind is not interfering with its judgements and opinions and its resistance. Neutral means that you are at rest in the present with Presence.” I often read that and think mmmm I not quite there yet ha! A neutral life is a peaceful life. Great post Val. I love the photo as well.


    • Thank you Karen for sharing your friend’s quote. I love it. When we experience resting in Presence it opens up a new way of seeing the world and being in it.
      Val x


  5. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I started realizing this was true when I felt my job and coworkers were so stressful that I couldn’t take another minute. Then I came to those others times when I thought, “What was I thinking? This is manageable. I’m cool with it!” It was then that I knew we can deceive ourselves with over dramatized emotions. I now put my awareness on simple “experiences” rather than my judgment of the experiences. Thanks for bringing more light to this topic.


    • Thank you for sharing your experience here ISWH! It reminds me of Viktor Frankl’s work based on his experience and observations of survivors in the concentration camps. We create our own stories and meaning in life. When we get that, we transform our thinking and how we are in the world. Life can be good no matter what the circumstances. So glad you are in a good place!
      Val x


  6. feels like a wonderfully positive encouragement, Val!
    all wrong doing arises from the mind 🙂


  7. I often rely on past judgments when it comes to food. Some food TASTES better than other food to me. Like Chocolate. 😎

    But in many other situations, it pays to be neutral.


  8. Love love Love this post! It is so true!


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