Boomerang Thoughts

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The other day, I came across the expression “boomerang thoughts”. It made me pause and wonder…

So often we forget the power of thought and we say something unthinkingly or think an unloving, critical thought about someone or something. Then we wonder what is wrong with us, why we are unhappy, or why life is so difficult.

What if it was our own negative thoughts boomeranging back to us?

Try to remember that – as you think so you are.

Start right now by looking for the very best in every situation. Don’t let yourself dwell on the negative.

Rise above it.

Become all you can be.

* Neural Pathways and Success

neurons firing

Its a neurological fact that our brains can’t distinguish between an event from the past that we are thinking about or an event that is actually happening now.

Whether it is in our imagination, or actually happening, it has same impact on our brain, and our body.

So, when we constantly recall all the tragedies of our past, it’s as if we’re reliving them NOW.  When we visualize the future we experience the same neural firing.

Hebb’s Law states, ‘Neurons that fire together, Wire Together’. Following Hebb’s Law, those memories and future visualizations will continue to fire  and  wire together, keeping those experiences fresh in our consciousness and ready for recall.

It does make me pause and ask “Am I feeding disappointment or tragedies from the past?” “Am I feeding anxiety for the unknown future?” Or “Am I creating and reinforcing the neural pathways that will support me in how I want to be?

Visualizing the end result isn’t enough. Instead, imagine taking each step that will take to get there.

visualize steps to success

If you are about to run a race. Don’t think about yourself on the podium or crossing the finish line. (That’s just wishful thinking.) Instead go over in your mind every detail on how you can get there.

If you are about to have an interview for a new job, go through each step in your mind of the interview process. Anticipate every detail and how you will think and act. That is what grooves the neural pathways for the experience that will lead to success.

The neurons in our brain are constantly changing, dependent on what we are thinking, feeling or behaving. At any moment we have the opportunity to change them. Just like a skilled musician, we all have the ability to become skilled Neural Workers and Networkers! The more active the neurons in a certain part of the brain, the more they will recruit and use more neurons, which in turn increases the neural network.

Have I opened up your thinking? I hope so.

Bring awareness to your thinking and change the outcome you want.

* Everything is Neutral

The world we live in is one of energy and elements.

In this world everything is neutral.

It is our thinking that creates the idea of good and bad.

quote from William Shakespeare

Our thinking creates distinctions such as  “me” “us” and ‘them”. Our thinking creates attachment to things that give us pleasure and aversion to things that bring discomfort and fear.

We have such an amazing capacity in our minds to filter out things and to imagine others.

As human beings we create our own reality.

We make judgments about what is good and bad, right and wrong.

… Take away the thinking mind and everything becomes neutral.

So let go.

Come into the present moment.

And tune into the natural flow of life.

go with the flow Peggy Collins

Photograph by Peggy Collins

There will always be highs and lows in life because of how our thinking perceives the world.

Our role is to go with the flow, acknowledge the reality that we are creating and be open to something more than our thinking.

When we let go of our thinking and witness the neutrality, we become open to experience a sense of connection, love and peace that is beyond what we have known before.

Thank you for being on this journey together.



* Finding your Middle Ground – What Gets in the Way?

I write about finding that place of connection, contentment and peace in the highs and lows of life. I call it your Middle Ground. When you can spend time in this space and connect inwards,  life comes into balance.   My journey, and this blog, is to explore finding how to come from this place all the time….. This morning I woke up asking myself “What gets in the way?”.

negative emotionsThere are several things that come to mind – the busyness and speed of our lives; how we are caught up in external expectations and the stress from work, economic circumstances and family relationships…..all the things we have no control over but we feel are controlling us.

However, the bottom line is that it is our mind and our thoughts that gets in the way. Our thinking creates our reality. Its how we interpret what is happening that makes us feel stressed and anxious.

Just because we aren’t in control, or aren’t getting what we want, it doesn’t make it bad.

What if everything was neutral?

Right now its snowing heavily – this is the umpteenth snow storm this winter! I could make a judgement here and start ranting about how unfair it is. How the roads aren’t cleared quickly enough. I could complain about the number of snow days at school and how children are going to be left behind. I could moan about the driveway that we will need to clear if we are going to be able to get out. I could start to panic about global warming!

I could post this and ask people to join in with how awful this …. and create more judgments, negativity and charged emotions.

Our thinking creates our reality, and it impacts others too, especially when we tap into our human fears and basic needs to be in control, be heard and belong.

Do we want to contribute to peace and good will in the world or encourage the opposite? Our thinking, our words and our actions will determine this.

The neutral fact is that it is snowing.Teddy in snow

I could also create positive feelings and energy around it, by saying how beautiful it looks. Its a fairy wonderland out there. How often do we get to simply be with mother nature in her winter finest? Its a lesson on letting go and enjoying having no place to go. Its the opportunity to open a good book and snuggle in. The pups adore going out in it. They play and burrow and try to catch the snow flakes. Children are excited because this is the perfect snowman making kind of snow. Each snow flake is huge and wondrous!

When we are able to step back and be the observer rather than the judge, we are able to create our own reality … and in doing so impact those around us, and the world….

Its time to start shoveling. I recognize that I am pretty neutral about it now!