Boomerang Thoughts

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The other day, I came across the expression “boomerang thoughts”. It made me pause and wonder…

So often we forget the power of thought and we say something unthinkingly or think an unloving, critical thought about someone or something. Then we wonder what is wrong with us, why we are unhappy, or why life is so difficult.

What if it was our own negative thoughts boomeranging back to us?

Try to remember that – as you think so you are.

Start right now by looking for the very best in every situation. Don’t let yourself dwell on the negative.

Rise above it.

Become all you can be.

12 thoughts on “Boomerang Thoughts

  1. I’m not good at visualization; however, I have worked hard at picturing a tree, and all of those boomerang thoughts, all of those thoughts that circle in my head over and over, I work to release them – I picture the leaves on the tree floating down…all of those thoughts that are not necessary floating down, being absorbed into the ground as compost to be recycled. It really helps me release the negative and only focus on the positive!

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  2. Words filled with wisdom Val, Indeed, what we send out returns.. So we best make sure we send out only the best thoughts filled with love and joy.. Then smile when we get those gifts returning.. 😀 I remember I once did a post on Thoughts entitled Train of thought.. And my Higher self/guides gave me a great analogy on how they travel to and fro from their destination of origin and back.. 🙂
    So your post Boomerang of Thoughts brought it to mind.. And yes I agree we have to be very mindful of our thoughts and where we send them.. ❤
    Much love and Gratitude.. ❤ for another timely reminder .. 'As we Think, So we Are.'. 🙂 ❤


  3. It’s the law of attraction, if we direct our thoughts out into the world negatively and contracted, unfortunately that’s where the boomerang returns to us the same way. I have tried to use a boomerang a few times with some beautuful indigenous people Val and it’s very hard to do! They make it look so easy. Great post! 🌈

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  4. With my training in Depth Psych, think many of these negative thoughts source deep within the self – criticisms and judgments are often more about oneself than others. It’s just harder to pinpoint in the psyche. So out they come, it’s you, it’s them, it’s Out There. So yes, observing outer directed thoughts and comments as mirrors of the self can be useful in self transformation, in awakening to our true Buddha nature (no, I’m not Buddhist). Nevermind making the world a better place. 😉 ❤

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