* Neural Pathways and Success

neurons firing

Its a neurological fact that our brains can’t distinguish between an event from the past that we are thinking about or an event that is actually happening now.

Whether it is in our imagination, or actually happening, it has same impact on our brain, and our body.

So, when we constantly recall all the tragedies of our past, it’s as if we’re reliving them NOW.  When we visualize the future we experience the same neural firing.

Hebb’s Law states, ‘Neurons that fire together, Wire Together’. Following Hebb’s Law, those memories and future visualizations will continue to fire  and  wire together, keeping those experiences fresh in our consciousness and ready for recall.

It does make me pause and ask “Am I feeding disappointment or tragedies from the past?” “Am I feeding anxiety for the unknown future?” Or “Am I creating and reinforcing the neural pathways that will support me in how I want to be?

Visualizing the end result isn’t enough. Instead, imagine taking each step that will take to get there.

visualize steps to success

If you are about to run a race. Don’t think about yourself on the podium or crossing the finish line. (That’s just wishful thinking.) Instead go over in your mind every detail on how you can get there.

If you are about to have an interview for a new job, go through each step in your mind of the interview process. Anticipate every detail and how you will think and act. That is what grooves the neural pathways for the experience that will lead to success.

The neurons in our brain are constantly changing, dependent on what we are thinking, feeling or behaving. At any moment we have the opportunity to change them. Just like a skilled musician, we all have the ability to become skilled Neural Workers and Networkers! The more active the neurons in a certain part of the brain, the more they will recruit and use more neurons, which in turn increases the neural network.

Have I opened up your thinking? I hope so.

Bring awareness to your thinking and change the outcome you want.

40 thoughts on “* Neural Pathways and Success

  1. Wonderful post, Val. Changing the way we think, changes the neural structures, synapses, and pathways in the brain. Plus, when we think happy thoughts today, we create cells and synapses and networks that are designed to be happy tomorrow.

    It’s a win-win!

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  3. What fires together wires together, where we give attention grows, where we withhold withers and dies.

    The mind has a slight negative axis, so give attention only to the positive.

    Never entertain a negative thought or feeling about yourself.

    Affirmations are essential for improving our self image

    Simple not easy

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  4. Yes, you made me think as you usual do Val. Many years ago I learned about NLP and here we use same princip to develop the brain and how to go on in life. I used it while I educated and it really works. Wish you a nice evening Val 🙂

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  5. Interesting I should read this today. Maybe I should have started following you sooner. If can’t imagine how many books I’ve read on neuroplasticity, healing the brain, quantum physics etc. I’ve spent 6 years trying to heal my brain and it is better. Learning to control my thoughts was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve changed how I phrase sentences because they have power. I’ll be looking around here more but not tonight. Time to rest. Thanks for this.

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  6. Very good point! Sometimes I find myself really angry, and the anger has nothing to do with what is actually happening to me at that moment, it’s because I’m thinking about something that happened before. And then I realize what a waste it is to be angry, when right at this very moment, I really have nothing to be angry about!

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  7. Yes…dear Val…Yes!! I couldn’t agree more. When I had a big tennis tournament, I would play the whole match in my mind…I would visualize myself hitting the ball exactly the way I wanted to…and it worked more times than I can count. Now…to keep that intensity of thought throughout life…in all things….ah! Hope you are well, my friend…miss you ❤

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  9. If I have an interview, I rehearse it in my mind constantly for a week before hand whether I want to or not. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I guess that’s my brain trying to get me into shape for the big day.

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