* Tao Wisdom – shift perspectives

Submit and transcend:

Divergence becomes patterned,

Empty becomes potential,

Used becomes renewed,

Basic becomes foundation,

Complexity becomes confusion.

The sage embraces what is rather than what should be.

We would do well to mimic this.*

~Lao Tzu


I love these shifts in how we can change our thinking and our reality.

We would indeed do well to mimic this.


*Braun Jr., John; Tzu, Lao; von Bargen, Julian; Warkentin, David (2012-12-02). Tao Te Ching (Kindle Locations 349-355). . Kindle Edition.

21 thoughts on “* Tao Wisdom – shift perspectives

  1. “Empty becomes potential”. This one chimes very strongly, Val. I have attempted to write about this myself, though feel the efforts somewhat ineffectual! When the mind is freed from its neurotic and incessant collapsing and coalescing around the objects of consciousness, all that remains is potential – the vast creative potency of expansive, objectless awareness. Failed again! H ❀

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    • Agreed Hariod πŸ’›
      Empty usually comes from a mindset of lacking. When we shift awareness to non judging spaciousness, it becomes only potential.
      Here’s a quote I found just for you 🎈

      “Failure usually strikes on the cusp of success. So stay true through to the bitter end.”
      Tao Te Ching (Kindle Locations 873-874). . Kindle Edition.

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      • Brilliant quote, Val. I’ve known many who’ve abandoned their spiritual search as they no longer perceived a linear path of progression, and in instead seem to themselves to have regressed – in powers of concentration, garnering insight, reversions to what were thought to have been mental states progressed away from. The Buddhist insight path of the Theravada (orthodox) tradition states that the whole path must be accomplished four times, each with an increasing degree of subtlety or fineness. It’s likened to sanding rough wood smooth – at first one uses coarse paper, then medium, etc. One has to be prepared to tolerate what may be perceived as failure in order to see that one hadn’t realised the depths (smoothness of wood) of the experience when first passing through. It’s quite amazing, and really does work that way within that system. H ❀

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