* A Mindful Ice Cream Moment


I take my spoon and dip in

Enjoy the smooth creamy vanilla

Then notice a difference …

Is that a little salty chocolate close by?

The next spoon confirms

Oh my 🙂 …

Yes … there’s a weave of solid chocolate here

With just a touch of salt!

As my palette anticipates what might be next

My spoon hits what appears to be a large chunk of chocolate

Or is it?…

My eyes look closer as my spoon traces the outline.

It reminds me of a Hershey’s kiss.

Curiosity aroused, I bring it to my mouth

and place it on my tongue.

Gently pressing down between my teeth

I crack open the dark chocolate and find

A silky smooth peanut butter center.

Oh my 🙂 …

The mouth experience and taste is almost complete.

Just one more spoonful …

As I reach for the spoon and begin to lose myself

in the blissful moment of sensation,

in the flavors, textures, comfort and gratitude.

Its called Nelson’s Dutch Farms Ice Cream

From Royersford, PA

There motto is “Nix Besser”

Darn right!!

10 Comments on “* A Mindful Ice Cream Moment

  1. Reminds me of the new Ben & Jerry’s “core” offerings. I love their Karamel Sutra. While an odd pairing perhaps, decadence and tempatation can create space in which to sense and reflect. Pleasingly. 🙂


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