* Recycling Our Pain

This is the first time I have come across the idea of recycling our pain. Its profoundly simple and simply profound. Val x

Candid Impressions


I’ve just read about a tragedy in a family. Once again it emphasizes the truth that human pain which is not healed and transformed, is projected consciously or unconsciously on to others, especially those closest to us.

Our human stories are full of figures, who because of their own unhealed inner pain, have imposed on others, on nations and the
world, the most devastating forms of suffering and anguish.

We all have the inner capacity to transform our pain however that pain has come or is coming to us, in to life-giving attitudes of compassion and healing? Precisely because of that ability, one of the uppermost questions each of us wrestles with, is this: Am I transforming my pain and giving it back as light, or am I hurling it back in the same form in which it was imposed on me?

Perhaps the best recycling work we can ever…

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