* Inspiration in the Pendulum of Life

Today I want to slow down and feel a need to linger in my Middle Ground. When I recognize I am out of balance, its time for me to come back to what’s most important. Some days are easier  than others … its part of the pendulum of lifependulum of life

I decided to see which words of my own would center me and bring me home.  I found this piece about the essence of spirituality:

Spirituality isn’t dogma or the beliefs we have about life, ourselves and the world. Its about how conscious we are in living these beliefs from moment to moment. How we actively live life in connection with ourselves and others. Living with an open heart.

This is my spiritual practice.

Please join with me and take a moment to consider these words and photographs. Pause at each one. Make this a moment of mindfulness and connection. This is an opportunity to get in touch with our feelings and the connection between us all.

“We are all vulnerable and in need of love”

we are all vulnerable and need love

“We are all vulnerable and in need of love”

loving kindness dog

“We are all vulnerable and in need of love”

need for love

“We are all vulnerable and in need of love”

young hand giving flower to old hand

“We are all vulnerable and in need of love”

mother daughter conflict

“We are all vulnerable and in need of love”

How can you bring these words to life today?…

For your self …

For someone you care for …

For someone you are having difficulty with …

For your community and our world …


23 responses to “* Inspiration in the Pendulum of Life

  1. Some people set out to be “spiritual” in a paint-by-numbers fashion.

    At the outset, they define “spirituality” as being, for example, kind, loving, compassionate, etc. Being perceived as possessing those chosen attributes becomes the “destination.”

    Much better to walk the walk . . . one step at a time.


  2. Thank you Nancy. I appreciate your analogy. Painting by numbers comes from an external course that is set. The real beauty is when we create from within ourselves. One conscious step at a time 🙂


  3. To see the vulnerability in another’s eyes…be it a dog, or a cat, or my loved one – takes a complete surrender to them. Not in a physical way, but my whole self. This way, I am able to love them more even though their words are not saying so. Beautiful as always Val… mari


  4. Ditching dogma and beliefs was a great moment for me. Like you, I don’t follow any one person or practice. I follow my heart……..and the more mindful I am, the better I can hear that still small voice inside.


  5. When you speak of Spirituality as becoming conscious, Val, I warm to that. I would go so far as to say that for me it lies at the heart of spirituality and life.

    You’ve got a great blog, Val.


    • Thank you Don for your kind words. I’ve been exploring your blog and am profoundly moved and inspired by it. I look forward to connecting more. Val x


  6. so beautiful. Again, I really enjoy your invitations that you insert in your blog- to sit and really look at the pictures/words and so on. It really makes it feel interactive.


    • I find I also tend to rush through blogs that I like and want to accomplish getting through them … my time feels pressured and limited.
      So your words are reminding me that we can create the time and space to really be with each inspiration, story, or image that others are expressing.
      This is such a valuable reminder for me to slow down with others.
      Thank you Kim!


  7. “Living with an open heart…” What a beautiful way to summarize what spirituality is all about. I was raised with “religion.” At age 10 I rebelled and discovered spirituality – the kind of spirituality that you describe here. This is a beautiful, meaningful post and the pictures put it all in perspective. Thank you!


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