Middle Ground Theory

As far as I know there isn’t a Middle Ground Theory …. but I have a couple of ways of looking at it πŸ™‚

The first is your Pendulum of Life:
IMG_0680The pendulum of life often swings from extreme highs to lows. Your middle ground is when it is closest to the ground, instead of being up in the air and out of touch. When you slow down and find your feet, you step on to your middle ground. In the pendulum of life there is always movement.

Take a moment and notice where you might be on life’s pendulum right now.

The second approach I call the Waves of Life:


Sound waves and ocean waves naturally crest and and fall. In the flow of the movement they pass through an undisturbed position. Waves can’t rest here, but you can. You have a choice. You can slow down and not let your emotions and thinking take you on a crazy roller coaster ride.

Most people think they must keep riding the crest of the waves in order to be happy. They cling to the highs in order to avoid the lows. Their middle ground gets overlooked, but its the place when there is no disturbance.

Take a moment and consider your own attitude towards these highs and lows, and the part your middle ground plays in your life.

I would love to hear your perspective too.

32 responses to “Middle Ground Theory

  1. This is a valid hypothesis.

    Prove the true, disprove the null!
    Once others take up the research and duplicate the results, then it becomes a theory.

    After all… Gravity is only a Theory, although there are Laws of Gravity today.


    • Thank you for your comment Ray. We used to think the world was flat too. This is the time for many new perspectives as the world awakens to consciousness. So good to have you with me/us!


  2. Makes sense, I suppose.

    Currently, I’m on middle ground – trying to reach a high – trying not to slip lower. What a balancing act this πŸ™‚



    • Thank you for stopping by Eric. Remember nothing is ever static – even although we may think it is… Find the presence and inspiration here (it’s a gift) and allow whatever comes next to unfold.
      Val x


  3. Hi Val…so happy to have landed here!! I just love your Middle Ground Theory!! It fully expresses what I have always thought…I would explain it to people with a straight line and then you move either to the right with positive energy or to the left with negative. So happy to see that you feel this also…and I love the idea of the pendulum…I have also had an interest in them. Can’t wait to read more from you!! Blessitude πŸ™‚


    • Thank you so much Lorrie! I’m happy this resonates with you. I think of waves and pendulums as they are always moving … just like life. Nothing stays the same, but we have a choice to pause and become present in the moment.
      I’m glad we have found each other:)
      Looking forward to more connections.


      • I’m so happy too! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see your illustrations. Here’s another part I think of…see if you have the same thoughts. You must because of the pendulum…but here goes: I believe however far a person swings in one direction….they swing with the same energy to the other direction. Meaning the amount of the “ups & downs” or “swings left & right” are proportionate.
        I love that we connected and can’t wait to read more!
        Much love…<3


  4. My theory calls it “zero level”, and this is so true because the stability is in the middle, where waves don’t swing one too much.


    • Eve, yes! True joy – ananda – and contentment – santosha – comes from our center of being, not from the attraction to polarities in life.
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.


  5. I believe what you are looking for is Homeostasis, the Second Law of Biology. Claude Bernard stated it as: “The constancy of the internal environment is the condition for a free and independent life”.


  6. I can understand this position between highs & lows and crests & troughs. That is the place that reminds me what’s it’s like to be fully human, and not to imagine that my future will be either the peak or the valley. Sometimes (like, when I’m in at the nadir) I really need that reminder. But for me, it’s the witnessing Self that is the space of stability (what I would call my Middle Ground). All the joys & sorrows are what happens in my playground. I do take them seriously, but then again, I don’t.

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    • Many thanks for your inspiring words MK! I think we are saying the same thing… My premis is that we must find time to pause in the highs and lows of life and find calm in order to connect inwards and connect to our witnessing Self or divine spirit. There is also a knowing that life is neither high or low, but remains constant here. xo

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  7. The middle ground… the Buddhist concept, the place the Desert Fathers strived for, the place where there is peace, calm and awareness… and in the words of Mother Julian where ” all is well, and all is well, and all manner of things are well”..
    I loved reading all your comments and seeing how everyone has their own way of finding this place of well being.

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  8. So, I have always had issues with this because once I achieve something, I feel like I MUST achieve something else or I am not “successful” enough. So, for me, to be at the middle ground makes me feel calmer, but almost guilty because I feel like I am “coasting” and not working hard enough. It’s something I am really working on right now.

    Is that what we are talking about with Middle ground? How do you differentiate between Middle ground and … being unproductive or not doing enough? When is it okay to be in middle ground?

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    • Thanks EJ for your thoughts and sharing your perspective. The greatest challenge for me in finding my Middle Ground is letting go of controlling. In its essence, its about surrendering and being in the moment. What you notice is your thoughts that come from the ego-mind, telling you to keep doing in order to be “successful”. The ego doesn’t feel comfortable with simply being… because it loses its sense of control.
      Next time, why not embrace the discomfort when you pause .. and simply notice how much conditioning there has been in your thinking about how you “should” be. πŸ’›

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