* Difficulty and Softness

Stones surrounded by rushing water

Whether you come across a difficult situation or encounter a difficult person, or find yourself in a difficult yoga pose …..

Take a moment to pause and come inside.

Notice if there is any hardness and tension that arises in your body and mind.

Take a breath and allow the exhale to bring softness.

Become like the water that flows around the steady foundation of your being.


10 responses to “* Difficulty and Softness

  1. Oh, now that is a beautiful way to look at it. I’ve been trying to find patience with a person in my life, and then I realized that I really just needed to find the love and patience would come – but this, this gives me a tool to use when I need help! 🙂


  2. Softness allows……hardness resists. Even when meditating I have to consciously soften my mouth, neck, head, shoulders…….


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