Photo by Martin Damboldt
Without testing life
We cannot prove anything.
Reach to new limits
Live beyond the knowing
Wonder at the unveiling.
Break free from within.
Take time for stillness
Seek balance in Yin with Yang.
Find your Middle Ground


These words came to me today as I realized that much of our lives are played out in what is known and the expectations of those around us.

How can we live beyond the knowing? By stepping out of our comfort zone and trusting that there are new limits to explore. To embrace the wonder beyond the knowing.

It doesn’t begin with more activity, the setting of goals and targets. These are the Yang aspects of life. It begins with setting aside time to be in stillness. To be with our thoughts and discovering the deeper, hidden parts of our being. This is where Yin resides.

In Yin we find the place beyond thought. The knowing that is within us all, that wants to break free.


31 comments on “Haiku – find your middle ground

  1. Right now, today, these are words I needed to hear! Thank you πŸ™‚


  2. Without testing of life how will we know what we are capable of?

    Some of the most tested lives throughout history change mankind drastically.

    Having hardship is not suffering

    Look at Mandela, Mother Theresa and Lincoln

    In the face of adversity they did miraculous things


  3. Rites and rituals
    May obscure the essential
    Spirit waits within


  4. Spot on Val… I think we all need that sacred space to set aside to just BE Still for a while..
    Loved your Haiku verses Val…
    sending love and well wishes my friend and also love your new Theme.. ❀

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  5. I woke up today with thoughts of comfort zone and how a positive clarity too sometimes puts us out of our comfort, just because it is unfamiliar space to be in. I love and agree with what you say – to trust and embrace the wonder beyond our knowing. Loved your poem too.

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  6. Beautiful, Val. This got me through a crazy day today! ❀

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  7. Stillness, yes. Absolutely. More need of it now more than ever. Aloha, Val. ❀

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  8. I love the peaceful balance I feel from this, Val. And I like the new look of your blog! Hope you are well πŸ’œ

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  9. A lovely meditation on stillness and presence. I love the image you chose to go along with your words.

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  10. Stillness, bliss, presence, and awareness.


  11. Beautiful Val πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

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  12. Lovely reminder in this β€˜go go’ world, Val, thank you. And your β€˜new look’ is wonderful!

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  13. connecting
    insight, Val πŸ™‚

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  14. Stillness does not come easily in this era of break-neck speed and constant stimulation, and yet, as you say, Val, we make the space for it and it comes. Ahhh, thank you, dear Val.

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  15. Oh, so true. Stillness is more challenging than any action we can take – intellectually or physically. And yet, sitting still, being in the moment, is the most tender sweet spot within us. xo

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  16. Markus J.

    Truly beautiful words. Thank you.


  17. The image had me hooked, Val! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I managed to find stillness this afternoon.


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