Noticing Mondays

This is a re-blog from 2015, when I began to notice the tension when trying to get caught up with posts on Word Press.  We don’t need to be actively interacting, to know that we are a part of this community. Gratitude and love to you ❤️


not being present

Noticing Monday morning and its regular gift of a slight contraction in my body and mind.
My ego alert with thoughts about getting a head start and how much to get through.
No, not work…

The blogs I follow expand with content on Monday mornings.
An avalanche of goodness awaits.
Leading to some feelings of overwhelm and not enough time.

So I take time to notice and pause…
Slowing down and breathing in order to be present for each one.
Letting go of thoughts to hurry through and get it behind me.
This is not a task, its about connection, listening and community.

These feelings are like an echo of how I lived most of my life.
Hurrying up to get things done and get ahead of the present.

Skipping forward towards some goal.

If only I knew then what I know now …
Thank you bloggers for this lesson on mindful presence today


be present

39 thoughts on “Noticing Mondays

  1. Sometimes our “to do’s” do feel like an avalanche to “get through” rather than to “flow through.” When that’s happens, I turn my attention to something else and return refreshed and ready to savor each bite.

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  2. I have to admit Val, I at times find it challenging keeping up with all the blogs I subscribe to, even to the point of reducing the frequency with which I post in order to consume the output of others. I realise there’s no obligation being placed on me, yet the sense of community, which I value greatly, only sustains with one’s consistent presence I feel. What puzzles me just a little, is why prolific bloggers – and I would obviously include yourself here – choose to post daily. I find that people are still digesting posts of mine that were published four weeks ago (I only post once a month), and so how can one’s readership possibly hope to keep up with post notifications appearing every day, especially if unlike myself, they have a day job? Please understand that I am not being critical of prolific bloggers, for it’s a personal choice of course; it’s just that I wonder if that’s really a very efficient distribution of any writer’s output. Perhaps I fail to appreciate the nuances of sustaining a healthy readership, and yet my own approach appears not to impact on that as far as I can tell. Then again, many bloggers write as much for their own benefit as for that of others, and writing, as one of my own subscribers recently said to me, can be a balm at times.

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    • Good points Hariod! My intention isn’t to post daily .. But it seems to be about that often when I am inspired to share 😉 . I’ve noticed that most people who post less often do so at the start the week.

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  3. Thank you for posting again, Val. I nice reminder to be present instead of hurrying through and getting things behind me. Such deliciousness awaits, here, now, with whatever the moment brings. I know this is from last week – I’m catching up (ha!) yet it rings just as true on this fresh Monday. Wishing you a mindful and aware week of being!

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