The Whole Array

the whole array

This life isn’t about
slicing off the parts
I don’t like to be
left with those I do.
I choose the whole
array – night and day,
ease and its opposite,
the squeaking wheel
and the grease gun.

Push any piece of
life away, and a key
that could have
opened a door is
lost, tossed out with
the trash, I pray for
the courage to receive
the full catastrophe,
however it appears
to me, without
needing to push back.

~ Danna Faulds


It takes courage to live all of life fully, instead of pushing the tough parts away.

Let us be open to the difficult times and discover a key for the future.


18 thoughts on “The Whole Array

  1. I am so down today and trying to push away the tough part of some news…I just don’t seem strong enough today or this moment. Maybe tomorrow. This is a very true piece of poetry. Thank you

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  2. We find sparks of joy in the tough parts that lead us to embrace life again. Cycles of embrace and release…lovely poem Val. I also love the picture at the top with the dog looking out over the water. ❀


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