Haiku – Luminaries

inner light

We are light bearers.
The world needs luminaries.
Keep radiating.

Never forget the impact we have on our own being and others. Let the light radiate out into the dark, so others can find their way.




41 thoughts on “Haiku – Luminaries

  1. Excellent photo to accompany your thoughts.

    I am feeling like light is finally shining through ~> e.g., now that men “caught with their pants down” are getting fired from the positions of power that enabled them to take advantage of their “underlings.”

    From Kevin Spacey to Louis C.K. to Weinstein, men are beginning to see that their inappropriate actions DO HAVE consequences. YAY!

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  2. Thank you for this great reminder Val. I sometimes find myself in the darkness, I’m lost within my own circle of emotion of the horrible thing I did, I am not so sure how to forgive myself. I’m living my life as what I’ve chosen for what people to see, but deep inside only myself will know the pain and truth. I’ll keep this reminder of yours to be that light, if not for others, it will be for my inner self.

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