Dharma Tail Wagging

Yesterday, we had to take down a diseased ash tree which was close to the house. I always feel sad when a tree comes down. Afterwards the dogs enjoyed the new smells and opportunity to dig… especially our  Dilys. Terriers follow their instincts and have such a good time digging and going underground!

She had so much fun, and didn’t want to come in.

I laughed, not just at her, but at myself.  I drive nearly 5 hours to have a similar experience at Kripalu, and she explores her dharma and finds joy in her own back yard.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here. ☺️


48 thoughts on “Dharma Tail Wagging

  1. Amazing the lessons we can learn from dogs. All animals, but dogs seem to be particularly good at it. Lovely story and reframe of the sadness for the loss of a dear tree.

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  2. There surely is (a lesson in you own ‘backyard’).
    Living is this very Moment gives joy to Dilys and so it should be for humans too.

    (of course if I lived in a war torn country full of fear and terror that would be different).

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  3. I agree with Paul. Dogs teach us so much if we pay attention. You obviously did. 🙂 Such a cutie. I always hated taking down trees too but sometime they have to go. I usually plant 3 to replace it. Planted a lot of trees in my days. 🙂

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  4. Oh that looked like so much Fun.. and yes often we travel far to find what was already within.. ❤ Great lessons to be learned.. But sometimes we need to find those special places of Sanctuary and Peace away from everything that can distract us at home.. 🙂
    Love and Hugs dear Val xx

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