* Inspiration – Constant Happiness

“As the great Confucius said, ‘The one who would be in constant happiness must frequently change.’
But we keep looking back, don’t we?
We cling to things in the past and cling to things in the present…
Do you want to enjoy a symphony? Don’t hold on to a few bars of the music. Don’t hold on to a couple of notes. Let them pass, let them flow. The whole enjoyment of a symphony lies in your readiness to allow the notes to pass…”

~ Anthony de Mello


Beautiful… Let’s enjoy the symphony of life and allow the notes to pass 💛

This recomposition by Max Richter of  Vivaldi’s classic The Four Seasons touches me deeply.


37 thoughts on “* Inspiration – Constant Happiness

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was like a piece of music that we could enjoy over and over again . . . replaying the notes that resonated the most . . . pressing the back arrow to hit the high notes all over again . . . fast forwarding through the rough patches . . . allowing our hearts to sing along.

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  2. “All things do change but nothing sure doth perish..things ebb and flow and every shape is made to pass away”.(Twelfth Night). The music takes us through the seasons of change. Let them pass, let it flow, it is beautiful. thank you Val.

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