* Self Acceptance

being present

In the midst of difficulty
my curiosity is piqued
and I aim the lance of
self inquiry into the
center of my deepest fears.

I give myself permission
to feel exactly what I feel,
to be just as I am, and in
that self acceptance I find
energy, awareness, and a
thousand gifts I never
guessed were with me
all along.

~ Danna Faulds

Being present and self acceptance go hand in hand. When we are not fully aware of our negative thoughts and feelings, then we tend to believe that there is something wrong .. and something wrong with us. Taking time to be fully present with what we are thinking and feeling in that moment, is the gateway to self acceptance and all the gifts beyond.

This poem captures the essence of a mindful awareness practice that is at the heart of Kripalu Yoga. It is referred to as BRWFA: Breathe – Relax – Watch – Feel – Allow

Learn more by watching the video or clicking on the page The Practice of Being Present

24 thoughts on “* Self Acceptance

  1. I am glad you include positives since we all need to fight insecurities and concentrate on our good qualities. Val, you are extra special, I see your kindness in comments but don’t always visit enough. Take care, Robin

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  2. “Into the center of our deepest fears”…used to feel so scary. Now….it is a dear, soft, healing place…….which may entail firestorms, hurricanes, or earthquakes….before the beautiful calm. Acknowledging all…YES YES

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  3. Last night I was really struggling in yoga class, actually I’ve struggled in several classes lately, but last night, when I realized it, I just stopped and took a moment, and let stuff surface so I could acknowledge it, gave myself permission to feel it in that very safe environment, so hopefully, I’m getting better equipped to deal with it and sort it out off the mat! Love that poem! Thank you for sharing it Val!

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    • I was about to write some thoughts and decided to open my Yoga Gems book randomly to see what the inspiration is … “Yoga helps us dive deep into our unconscious, where the seeds of our ego thoughts and behaviors are found. On the way into the hidden recesses of our mind, we encounter all sorts of emotions that require cleaning out or transmutation. All the practices of Yoga are geared towards accomplishing this housecleaning and setting us free.” Georg Feuerstein
      You are right where you need to be on your journey Kate. Awesome 💕

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