*Haiku – hibernate

hibernating mice


Hibernate with us

Slow down to seasonal life

Find your Middle Ground


I have noticed that a lot of people are in a bit of a funk right now. Perhaps you are also  lacking some energy, motivation or direction …

Remember that we are connected to Nature and its seasons.

There is nothing wrong.

This is a time for nourishing and replenishing before the seeds of Spring start to sprout and inspire us to new growth.

So embrace this time by taking time for yourself and allowing yourself to simply be.

Step back and listen to your deeper wisdom in preparation for new growth that will surely come.


44 thoughts on “*Haiku – hibernate

  1. Lovely truth Val. What is called “funk” by some is an essential place for others…as a part of that quiet preparation. Thank you for naming it and giving voice to what is a challenging period for many. I used to be one of them. Embracing the natural rhythms in Nature brought me home to myself. 💕

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  2. excellent piece today, thanks. seeds are already growing and nourishing us daily – remember the old adage about the Bamboo tree and how it lives so long in “hibernating” and then 4 or 5 years later BAM, you’ve got a shoot and then a tree. I loved the picture today, and true it’s hard to get out of a nice warm soft bed, BUT – there’s too much life going on- and if I had stayed in bed, I wouldn’t of been up early to catch all this great inspiration for my day. so get up my little sleepy heads and fill your life with inspiration and smiles and laughter- and you’ll warm up and so will those around you! (just wait till I get some tea in me- look out world!!) have a great happy moment filled day you guys and thanks for the reminder to just be, and that nothing’s wrong! you are SOOOOO RIGHT!! mikey

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