* Haiku – authentic being

authentic being

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Find your Middle Ground

Touch the deepest part of you

Authentic being


“Don’t shrink. 

Don’t puff up. 

Stand in your sacred ground.”

~ Brené Brown


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22 thoughts on “* Haiku – authentic being

  1. My friend, Val. This is very special and so~ you! I already feel I know some of the “authentic being” you are. I really like this you! 🙂
    Hope I may ask and not offend you. Do you wish the word to be “scared” or “sacred?”

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  2. Love the Haiku. So very relevant to our lives and important in being our true nature. It took me old(er) age, chronic ill-health and retirement to find my own Middle Ground. That balance is essential to living life the best you can.

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    • Thank you Vicki for your kind words. 💛
      I agree, that we have to really live life’s ups and downs to connect with who we are. Otherwise we could stay like ego driven adolescents forever…


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