If you are struggling or perhaps feeling stuck right now, take heart with this post from Dear Human Sheri 💛

DEAR HUMAN - A New Way of Thinking

You may be struggling. You may even be suffering. YOUhowever are not stuck. I promise.

Life is designed so that no being need be defined by what has, is, or will happen to you. Everyone has been given everything needed to rise up to the richness that resides inside. The is a grandness that can be lived out in any life because it is not material like the rooms you wake up in.

Remember that you are not limited by circumstances, hardships, suffering and pain. Know without a shadow of doubt that the only limit to living a fantastically free life is that which you allow your mind to attach to it. Above all, accept responsibility for the thoughts you have. Your mind, under the supervision of your spirit, can at anytime and under all circumstances be directed by the forces of love, kindness, compassion, gentleness, forgiveness and peace.

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12 thoughts on “TOP 3 WAYS TO GET UNSTUCK

  1. Val, usually I love your writings but this one leaves me feeling uncomfortable. For we see around us too many homeless people, begging for any form of help and living rough in the forest, who might challenge this message, and rightly so. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, Paul.


    • I don’t mind at all Paul. The way I see this piece it’s about inner freedom, rather than external circumstances and real hardship. The suffering that our thoughts bring can be changed if we access the innate love and goodness inside of us. This was a re-blog for someone I know who is having a hard mental and emotional struggle right now.

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  2. I totally agree, we limit ourselves only in our minds. Anything is possible! Paul if you don’t mind me adding, everyone needs to help themselves. People need to take responsibility for their own misery or sadness or disaster or whatever it might be. The power is in taking action and making positive changes towards well being and happiness.

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