*Kripalu Inspiration Haiku

This is a haiku that I wrote and shared at the graduation ceremony of my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu.

kripalu graduation


In life’s pendulum

The highs and lows of being

Seek Self in the waves


Find your Middle Ground

The mother ship is calling

Kripalu Center


Yoga skills and tools

Challenged body and stretched mind

Space. Peaceful being


Prana life force freed

Breathe. Relax. Feel. Watch. Allow

Yoga’s real essence


Say yes to the breath

Letting go. Letting it flow

Drop down. Re-align


Overflowing love

Connections and friendships

Embracing true Self


Heartfelt gratitude

So much learned in just one year

More than most lifetimes


Thank you my teachers

Sudhir, Larissa, Coby

Rudy, Sudha .. twice


This is how it is

Unexpected freedom fries 😉

Here, Right here … And now



p.s. Affirmation for today onwards: I am an advanced Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher!

Wow. What a journey.


24 Comments on “*Kripalu Inspiration Haiku

  1. Marvellous words Val. I feel at peace even as I read them. Congratulations on your graduation.


  2. Looks like a beautiful ceremony Val. Wonderful achievements and wisdom gained for you this year. Words of love and appreciation in your Haiku as well. Thankyou for sharing your journey.


    • It was beautiful and very touching Karen. Such wonderful teachers and fellow teachers 🙂 I can’t belief this chapter is over …. I’m still feeling full ❤


  3. How wonderful and proud you must feel. Congratulations Val. One day at a time and along the way we achieve things that are so meaningful. Have a lovely weekend and thank you so for being such an inspiration. 🙂


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