* Life is Like … a flower bed

June is a wonderful time here in PA to appreciate flowers πŸ™‚ My patio garden is the inspiration for these words.

Val's patio garden

Life is Like a Flower Bed

Growing and unfolding every day

Reaching for the light

Blooming fully in its own time

Sharing joy by simply being

Bending with the wind

Offering sweetness to the world

Facing the challenges of Β the weather and changing seasons

Finding its place among others

Sewing seeds for the future

Rooted in its own middle ground πŸ˜‰

….. So fertilize it and tend to it.

Give it room to grow into its full potential and beauty.

Then let it be and enjoy it all!


21 responses to “* Life is Like … a flower bed

  1. Your garden is gorgeous, Val!

    Your poem reminds me of a saying I painted once for a mom-to-be: “Love grows within. You are the garden. Nurture yourself.


    • Thanks Nancy. I can really relate to growing and nurturing! I also love to split plants and move them to create new patterns and palettes. Its my canvas these days.
      Val x


    • Thank you Louise. As I shared before , this really is my canvas and artwork. πŸ™‚
      I love creating in my garden, as well as tending it. It bring me a lot of joy!


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