Life is … Letting Go

I came across this earlier post and it made me pause and reflect today. Letting go is always a part of living, yet can be hard sometimes. I hope you enjoy this reminder.


letting go

Letting go is living life fully.

We let go of every exhalation in order to breathe in life.

We let go in order to sleep.

We let go of being held as a baby in order to walk.

We let go of our children so they can grow as adults.

We let go of old hurts in order to heal.

We let go of our armor so we can give and receive love.

We let go of attachments in order to be free.

We let go of the past in order to step into the future.

We let go in order to grow.

Sometimes we are afraid to let go because we experience fear of the unknown and the emptiness we might feel … But we do know in our hearts that when we resist letting go we resist living our lives fully.

What have you been holding on to that you are ready to let go of?

* Inspiration – Wu Hsin wisdom

enjoy picnics

“A nose kept in books

Cannot smell the dogwoods.

While the scholars are

Studying the menu,

The wise are eating the meal.”

~ Wu Hsin

What a great reminder to really tuck into life 💛

* Life is like … cake

Life is like … cake.

The ingredients don’t seem like much, but when they are put together with love, it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We learn its okay that it sometimes sags in the middle and crumbles at the edges.

Life is like cake

The sponge is the foundation which fills and nourishes us.

The filling is the precious sweet center within us all.

The cherries are the fleeting pleasures on top.


… As I was writing this I began to wonder what cake my life is like these days… A zesty lemon bundt cake with space to grow!


* Accessing all your Intelligence for a Happier Life

I recently came across a coaching company called MBraining. They help people access the 3 neural intelligence centers to bring about change and a happier life!

A new way of looking at ourselves and our intelligence is always intriguing!

whole body intelligence


Recent research shows that there are actually three major centers of neural intelligence and processing  in the body: the cephalic brain in the head; the enteric brain in the gut, and the cardiac brain in the heart.

The main head brain has between 50-100 billion neurons

The gut has between 200-500 million neurons

The heart has between 30-120 thousand neurons

Our three “brains”  process information coming into them simultaneously, relating them to each other and acting on them in conscious and subconscious ways. They are in constant communication with our central nervous system.

What most of us intuitively know seems to be supported by scientific research.

When we check in with our gut reaction, we really are accessing the knowledge there. Apparently our gut has a similar number of neurons as a worm.  Not very bright that’s for sure, but it knows when there is a change in the environment and to find safety if it can.

Our heart has fewer neurons, but  we also intuitively know that it is ready to give us a different perspective on what is happening around us. Our heart cares. Its wisdom is keeper of our values, compassion and love … for others and ourselves.

How often does our head brain’s thinking drown out the wisdom of our heart or our gut reaction? We are all capable of creating amazing stories in our heads about life – our experiences, our beliefs about the world, other people and ourselves.

Now here’s the significant thing…

relaxation and intelligence

We can only access the wisdom of our gut and heart when we are relaxed. If we are fearful, triggered or over stressed, then our  Autonomic Nervous System’s stress response will prevent us from accessing this internal intelligence. 

Pausing and becoming present with full diaphragmatic breathing relaxes the body and our autonomic nervous system. You will find a guide to coming into the present moment here.

Here is an exercise to bring your internal intelligence into alignment:

Inner Balance Exercise

Settle in to the present moment by breathing smoothly and fully.

Think of a situation that you would like guidance on.

Start by asking your heart what it values and cares about.

Let your brain acknowledge and think about this.

Breath into your heart space and listen for more wisdom about you really care about.

Now send your awareness to your gut, asking it for guidance on ways to take action.

Let your brain access this information and then check in with your heart once more.

Only when your heart values and accepts your thinking and actions will it be the right choice for you.

I really like this approach … even if it isn’t 100% scientifically accurate, it does seem to work when we bring it into our awareness. Try it and see for yourself.

Remember – in life, its how we experience it that counts, not what we believe to be true.


* Let Go and Find Yourself

” In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself. It will be a permanent Self, rooted in awareness and creativity. Once you have captured this you have captured the world.”                Deepak Chopra

holding on

 Letting go:

Of every exhalation

Of the day as we fall asleep

Of our children as they grow up and leave home

Of things that no longer serve us

Of a past that weighs us down

Of relationships that no longer nurture us

Of roles that we have outgrown

Of over thinking

Of our habits and conditioning

Of “me” “I” and “mine” as we experience our connection to something more within us and around us

Life is a journey of letting go in order to find what really matters.

  •  Take a few moments to pause and reflect on all the things that you have let go of in the past…
  • The things that you are working on right now…
  • And what you might still be holding on to…

Letting go is part of the natural rhythm of life.

Trust in this and embrace it fully with an open mind and heart.

In taking these courageous steps every day we come to know our true permanent Self and move towards real freedom.


Untangle the Nets

Let us all take some time, find our Middle Ground and check our nets today.

Untangle the Netstangled fishing nets
“The aim of spiritual practice, no matter its form, is to untangle the nets that living snares us in.
But though we can learn to untangle specific situations, even get good at it, life on earth is a never-ending weave of becoming tangled and working to get untangled.
fishing net

And deeper than any coping skills we might learn is our acceptance of the weave of tangle, which is closely tied to the rhythm of being whole-hearted and half-hearted.
Like dilating and constricting and inhaling and exhaling, this opening and closing of our heart is necessary to stay alive.

tangled netNone of these states— being tangled or untangled, being whole-hearted or half-hearted, being open or closed— is a place we can permanently stay.
When we are half hearted, we tangle the net. When we are whole-hearted, we untangle the net. But the weave of tangle never ends.”
 –Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Wishing you a day of whole-heartedness in the highs and lows of life 🙂

* Everything is Passing

Kripalu dawnAs I stood outside in the misty dawn at Kripalu I noticed the emerging colors of Fall and the ghostly calm that comes at the beginning of a new day.

A thought came to me softly and gently … “Everything is passing”

Like the mist …. my time at Kripalu … the day ahead … the learning to be learned … the sharing and community of sangha… the wonderful people in my life … and my time on earth no matter where I happen to be.

It is always changing and passing from one moment into the next.

So its pointless to try to hold on to our times of joy and pleasure or to resist what is happening when times seem full of struggle and sorrow.

Everything is passing.

Simply be with each moment as it unfolds.

With gratitude and love.



* Life is Like … a chunk of cheddar cheese

Life is like … a chunk of cheddar cheese

chunk of cheddar cheese

It is magnificent and remarkable! Yep – I love it that much ❤

Look after it or it will become blue and moldy

When taken care of, it can last a surprisingly long time

It gets sweaty sometimes and smelly too

It is resilient and survives shredding, grating, melting and crumbling

Make something of it

Experiment with it

Savor every moment of it

…. Don’t let it go to the dogs 😉

* Deciding to Do the Right Thing

at the edge

Have you ever thought about doing something  that you know would be a challenging experience, yet you feel it will also be one that gives an opportunity to learn about yourself and grow?

In coming to the decision about doing this, you know you will have to face certain aspects of yourself and habitual patterns that aren’t serving you … You will have to let go …

A deeper part of you knows that its the right thing to do, and the human part of you (ego) comes up with all sorts of excuses and reasons for weazling out and avoiding  this scary and threatening place.

I’m feeling it right now … and it reminds me of when I came to the decision to give up smoking. It was much easier to keep smoking than to face the reality of the harm I was doing to myself and its hold over me. By stopping I would also be letting go of the comfort, reassurance, security and yes, companionship of my ciggie.

Within all of us is a core of honesty and integrity that is part of our higher self. Our lower ego self wants things to be the same, and in my experience tries to negotiate with the higher voice by coming up with all sorts of arguments and counterpoints to deflect and avert. It gets a kick out of outwitting the better part of me 😉

So which voice do we choose?…

When we are aware of the inner workings of our mind, the chatter and strategies of our very human ego … then we really can see that there is a choice.

The choice I am considering is whether to go on a social media retreat while I am away on the next module of my YTT 500 Yoga teacher training at Kripalu.

Even when we embrace our higher self and choose to do the right thing, its important to recognize how our ego shows up. Denying the lesser part of ourself, only brings resistance and more struggle.

My ego really wants to share with you what a brave and challenging thing it is going to agree to. Its afraid it will feel disconnected and will miss the stimulation and community.

My higher self knows that this will give me an opportunity to be with the discomfort of disconnection from the external world and allow me to find more inner connection while I am away.

girl walking on her path

Your support is much appreciated as I switch off  from Friday Sept 19th until Sunday Sept 28th. 🙂

” Life at its best is a series of challenges. A big enough challenge will bring out strengths and abilities you never knew you has. Take on challenges and bring yourself to life.” anon




Recipe for Life

Life is like …. baking bread. Love this one from Pat at Source of Inspiration. 🙂

Source of Inspiration

making bread

Sift out the lumps
flower mixed with honey
eggs filled with faith
blend in mother’s milk
power to make it rise
sit it in the sunshine
give it time to mature
bake it in pure love energy
it comes out perfect every time.

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* Haiku – Piece of the Puzzle

shining puzzle piece

Find your Middle Ground

the sacred space within you

let this peace ignite

* Live Life Backwards

I love this perspective … and its wisdom from George Carlin.

I want to live my next life backwards:

You start out dead and get that out of the way.

Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day.

Then you get kicked out for being too healthy.

You enjoy your retirement and collect your pension.

Then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.

You work 40 years until you’re too young to work.

You get ready for High School: drink alcohol, party, and you’re generally promiscuous.

Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no responsibilities.

Then you become a baby, and then…

You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions: central heating, room service on tap, and then… 

You finish off as an orgasm.

I rest my case.


Whichever way we live it … it feels so good to lighten up … and appreciate each precious moment 🙂