* Accessing all your Intelligence for a Happier Life

I recently came across a coaching company called MBraining. They help people access the 3 neural intelligence centers to bring about change and a happier life!

A new way of looking at ourselves and our intelligence is always intriguing!

whole body intelligence


Recent research shows that there are actually three major centers of neural intelligence and processing  in the body: the cephalic brain in the head; the enteric brain in the gut, and the cardiac brain in the heart.

The main head brain has between 50-100 billion neurons

The gut has between 200-500 million neurons

The heart has between 30-120 thousand neurons

Our three “brains”  process information coming into them simultaneously, relating them to each other and acting on them in conscious and subconscious ways. They are in constant communication with our central nervous system.

What most of us intuitively know seems to be supported by scientific research.

When we check in with our gut reaction, we really are accessing the knowledge there. Apparently our gut has a similar number of neurons as a worm.  Not very bright that’s for sure, but it knows when there is a change in the environment and to find safety if it can.

Our heart has fewer neurons, but  we also intuitively know that it is ready to give us a different perspective on what is happening around us. Our heart cares. Its wisdom is keeper of our values, compassion and love … for others and ourselves.

How often does our head brain’s thinking drown out the wisdom of our heart or our gut reaction? We are all capable of creating amazing stories in our heads about life – our experiences, our beliefs about the world, other people and ourselves.

Now here’s the significant thing…

relaxation and intelligence

We can only access the wisdom of our gut and heart when we are relaxed. If we are fearful, triggered or over stressed, then our  Autonomic Nervous System’s stress response will prevent us from accessing this internal intelligence. 

Pausing and becoming present with full diaphragmatic breathing relaxes the body and our autonomic nervous system. You will find a guide to coming into the present moment here.

Here is an exercise to bring your internal intelligence into alignment:

Inner Balance Exercise

Settle in to the present moment by breathing smoothly and fully.

Think of a situation that you would like guidance on.

Start by asking your heart what it values and cares about.

Let your brain acknowledge and think about this.

Breath into your heart space and listen for more wisdom about you really care about.

Now send your awareness to your gut, asking it for guidance on ways to take action.

Let your brain access this information and then check in with your heart once more.

Only when your heart values and accepts your thinking and actions will it be the right choice for you.

I really like this approach … even if it isn’t 100% scientifically accurate, it does seem to work when we bring it into our awareness. Try it and see for yourself.

Remember – in life, its how we experience it that counts, not what we believe to be true.


32 Comments on “* Accessing all your Intelligence for a Happier Life

  1. FAbulous exercise.

    And the data explains to me once again why sometimes, my brain just feels really, really busy! It is. 🙂

    It’s interesting, I read somewhere that the heart sends more messages to the brain everyday than the brain to the heart. Maybe because the heart is smarter because it cares more? Hmmm…. now you’ve got me thinking!

    great post Val. Thanks.

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  2. This looks really interesting Val, something to allow us to expand from the cranialism of discursive thought and instead explore instinctual reactions and deeply embedded affinities perhaps. H ❤

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  3. wow that is interesting Val. I would think that my gut instinct would still work if I wasn’t calm though…

    I have heard the same sort of things amount memory experienced by people who receive organ transplants. You got me thinking about those who receive hearts. Interestingly, you can’t get a brain transplant because even if they could do it, you wouldn’t be you anymore, would you? You’d be the person to whom the brain belonged. ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. Interesting reading about the neurons in head, heart and gut. I love how science is now catching up and explaining what we’ve always known, but couldn’t prove. Good stuff!

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  5. Interesting. In our martial arts and self defense training we are constantly trying to tell our students to trust your gut. It is designed to give you warnings. This all makes sense to me.

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