Kripalu dawnAs I stood outside in the misty dawn at Kripalu I noticed the emerging colors of Fall and the ghostly calm that comes at the beginning of a new day.

A thought came to me softly and gently … “Everything is passing”

Like the mist …. my time at Kripalu … the day ahead … the learning to be learned … the sharing and community of sangha… the wonderful people in my life … and my time on earth no matter where I happen to be.

It is always changing and passing from one moment into the next.

So its pointless to try to hold on to our times of joy and pleasure or to resist what is happening when times seem full of struggle and sorrow.

Everything is passing.

Simply be with each moment as it unfolds.

With gratitude and love.



23 comments on “* Everything is Passing

  1. Yours are beautiful and profound words Val. Knowing, as you do, that ‘everything is passing’ on a purely instinctive and intuitive level is of a different order to knowing the same on a dryly intellectual level. The former is deeply insightful and powerfully transformative, the latter remains merely an idea.

    Very best wishes and many thanks.

    Hariod. ❤


  2. So calm…and comforting Val! Thank you for this peace ❤


  3. Such wonderful words Val, just what I needed today. 🙂


  4. Really felt this piece. Loved it.


  5. Profound yet simple, and so true. Just beautiful, Val.x

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  6. Words of calm wisdom and grace Val. ❤
    Diana xo


  7. Heraclitus said “Everything flows and nothing abides.” and you add “Simply be with each moment as it unfolds.”. Wise, true, helpful. Thank you Val! ♥

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  8. One of my favorites from George Harrison ~ All Things Must Pass. “Sunrise doesn’t last all morning. A cloudburst doesn’t last all day.”

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  9. Healing Grief

    Because everything eventually passes both good and bad, then we have even more reason to accept and enjoy each moment as precious. I love this simply precious post Val.

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  10. I see and feel peace and serenity in that photo Val and yes, that early morning hour when everything is quiet and soon passes – but we know we will get to see it all again tomorrow. A new day, a new dawn, live in the moment.


  11. That thought is so true and meaningful in many ways. I have a Japanese friend who always used to say to me “this too shall pass” when he saw me becoming frustrated with something at work. And of course he was right 🙂


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