* Inspiration – Wu Hsin wisdom

enjoy picnics

“A nose kept in books

Cannot smell the dogwoods.

While the scholars are

Studying the menu,

The wise are eating the meal.”

~ Wu Hsin

What a great reminder to really tuck into life πŸ’›

25 thoughts on “* Inspiration – Wu Hsin wisdom

  1. How about taking a book out, sitting under a dogwood, reading a little breathing a lot? Haha. You are right…tuck into life. πŸ™‚

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  2. It is always good to be reminded of the problems of taking life too seriously.
    Life is best lived in the moment, right here right now.
    Too much of one thing is never good, a balanced life is much more fun.
    Smell dogwood, be a scholar and do so with full awareness, too much means we lose our way and become one dimensional.
    Yet another reason to stay on the middle ground!
    Thanks for the reminder.


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