* And Winter Came

Am I ready? On the threshold of the winter season of my life, I wonder…

Its a time of reflection and enjoying the increasing light.

Such a beautiful moment.


42 thoughts on “* And Winter Came

  1. I love the winter! It’s a wonderful time for quite reflection and rest; preparation for the Spring. Thank you for this lovely invitation to Winter…at the Solstice. Blessings to you, dear Val.

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  2. Beautiful, Val. I teared up a little during the song. Very touching. As you enter the winter of your life and you reflect, and the light increases, beautiful moments continue.
    Peace and Blessings, and a very happy, warm Solstice.

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  3. Beautiful, relaxing video, thanks Val.
    I still miss winters and at the moment it sounds very appealing to me. We are currently in a heatwave Down Under and I’d give anything to see some snow and ice!

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  4. I’m well into my own winter, and I have no regrets. The joints are aching, but you remind me that this is solstice, which means that the light has gone from its most sparing, to increasing. I think that my own winter is bringing more light slowly by slowly.

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