crystal in light

Each one of us is unique with many facets

 Wherever the light touches we shine

 When we move with the light we express all of who we are

 And we allow the light within us to shine more brightly


Note: I will be away in California for a long weekend. I’ve scheduled posts but will not have much access to respond. See you monday. Val x

11 comments on “* Life is Like … a crystal

  1. I love this concept but was just wondering – when it is dark where does the light come from?


  2. Have a wonderful trip, Val. Full of SPARKLE!


  3. A lovely reflection Val. I love California – I want to live in San Diego one day! Enjoy your time away.
    Diana xo


  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    LOVE this post. Welcome to my California!


  5. Great post. Have a lovely trip. Say ‘hi’ to California for me!


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