* Life is like … cake

Life is like … cake.

The ingredients don’t seem like much, but when they are put together with love, it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We learn its okay that it sometimes sags in the middle and crumbles at the edges.

Life is like cake

The sponge is the foundation which fills and nourishes us.

The filling is the precious sweet center within us all.

The cherries are the fleeting pleasures on top.


… As I was writing this I began to wonder what cake my life is like these days… A zesty lemon bundt cake with space to grow!


36 thoughts on “* Life is like … cake

  1. I don’t want to be a spoiler here but too much cake can lead to an unfit old age plagued with lifestyle diseases (heart disease, diabetes etc) due to excess of some of the ingredients (sugar, fat). Metaphorically speaking, when the sum of the parts looks Ok, we should maybe look a bit closer at the individual components that may gradually see us undone (excess consumerism, busyness, disconnections etc).

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