Untangle the Nets

Let us all take some time, find our Middle Ground and check our nets today.

Untangle the Netstangled fishing nets
“The aim of spiritual practice, no matter its form, is to untangle the nets that living snares us in.
But though we can learn to untangle specific situations, even get good at it, life on earth is a never-ending weave of becoming tangled and working to get untangled.
fishing net

And deeper than any coping skills we might learn is our acceptance of the weave of tangle, which is closely tied to the rhythm of being whole-hearted and half-hearted.
Like dilating and constricting and inhaling and exhaling, this opening and closing of our heart is necessary to stay alive.

tangled netNone of these states— being tangled or untangled, being whole-hearted or half-hearted, being open or closed— is a place we can permanently stay.
When we are half hearted, we tangle the net. When we are whole-hearted, we untangle the net. But the weave of tangle never ends.”
 –Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Wishing you a day of whole-heartedness in the highs and lows of life 🙂

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