* Life is like … British Rail

British Train Journey

We all know life is a journey.ย We get on, we ride and we get off.

Although we hope it will go smoothly, we realize that it will likely have its highs and lows.

There are surprises, accidents and delays as well as adventures and moments of joy.

People join us and then get off at different stops along the way. And that’s okay. They are on their own journey.

Everyone has their own train ride filled with hopes, dreams, setbacks, broken parts, accidents and goodbyes.

Most of us come on with baggage. Some lose it on the journey, others not.

We don’t know when and where the last stop will come.

Yes. Life is like British Rail.


16 responses to “* Life is like … British Rail

  1. That’s a very romantic picture of a British Rail train! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Indeed, I would venture the view that it isn’t British Rail! (Sorry, just the mood I’m in this morning!) But love the metaphor!


  2. Lovely metaphor, dear Val. Appreciating the journey of others as they come and go can be a challenging…and where some of our most profiund moments of growth and healing lie. Thank you for this image. I shall carry it this day as i experience and observe.


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