Inner certainty
Move from being right or wrong
Find your Middle Ground

We find inner balance when we let go of ideas of right or wrong, and good or bad; when we embrace a deeper sense of knowing and being in the world.

When we witness the mind’s need to analyze  and the ego’s urge to judge, we open up the freedom to choose.

This is where true balance resides.

The center of our being has no preferences. It is there to open up to the fullness of loving presence.

Our practice is to keep coming back to it again and again. And to listen.

From finding our middle ground, to living from it.


23 comments on “What is True Balance?

  1. There’s such freedom in letting go of judgements and just being. Thanks for this reminder, Val. ❤

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  2. I’m always checking myself from being “too judgey”, and it has paid off in ways I never expected. Good reminder, Val.

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  3. Thank you, Val, your words were a blessing this morning.

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  4. Thanks for the reminder Val…sorely needed.

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  5. Thanks for the reminder Val…sorely needed.

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  6. The middle ground is where we actually learn, When we are so sure that we know everything, it’s in that moment that we know nothing.

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  7. Very beautiful reminder! Consciousness does not have judgments of good, bad, right and wrong. Wisdom and intuition is available beyond these concepts of the mind.

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  8. Agreed – the world would be a better place if people reserved judgement.

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  9. well said, Val. But is seems like getting to that place is hard work…

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  10. I find that balance brings me peace and joy.

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