Time to Bee

This has been an interesting week, time wise. Two of my watches and a wall clock stopped while I have been teaching yoga classes. I’m curious to know what some of you may think this might be about… Time will tell eh?

I also wanted to share my new purchase of a swatch watch.Β I’m grateful it’s still ticking away!

I chose the design of a flower and bees because it makes me smile. Every time I look to see what time it is, I smile and think of our hardworking bees emerging from their winter pause.

It gives me pause as well. To stop and appreciate, and to bee in the moment. πŸ˜‰

It’s like a mini mindful moment during my day.

And so much better than picking up the iPhone and getting caught in the web of distraction.


32 thoughts on “Time to Bee

  1. I enjoy wearing a watch. An analog “dumb” watch that just tells me the time (and the date, if I remember to change it after February ends). Ridding ourselves of distractions is getting harder and harder. Good post, Val.

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  2. Two of my watches and a wall clock stopped while I have been teaching yoga classes. I’m curious to know what some of you may think this might be about… Time will tell eh?

    ~> Perhaps a not so subtle reminder that it is always NOW. πŸ˜€

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    • πŸ˜† Perhaps it’s about always being in the now where time doesn’t matter. Don’t let the word get out though or they make a Marvel superhero out of me. Thanks for the smile David πŸ™

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  3. Love the watch and find the stopping of time for you is very significant. Wow! It’s hard to just bee, isn’t it. I’m a clock watcher and would like that not to be true. I seem to fill every hour with at least 2 things at once. It would be nice for time to stop for a bit. My daughter can’t wear watches. Her body’s electrical system shorts them out.

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  4. LOVE YOUR SWATCH!!! Makes me wish i could wear a watch..they all stop on me…
    and the time pieces stopping….they are asking….
    Does anybody really know what time it is???!!!! LoL…..
    We tend to develope our natural pace with life…with breathing room to spare….when we do not look at “time”…
    There is less rushing…and more rhythm…..
    May you always BEE …with time to spare…
    Blessings and Love Val….Namaste’


  5. Oh, that’s such a cute watch, Val! 🌸🐝 I love this! I totally relate to checking the time on your phone and being caught in the web of distraction. I actually have no less than like 7 watches ( yes, I know that’s excessive LOL, but I made them during my beading stage, they’re quite beautiful actually), but I never wear them anymore. “Times they are a’changing” literally and figuratively…
    Have a beeutiful and blessed day, Val! πŸ’•

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  6. You’re right, sometimes the old ways are the best. I don’t wear a watch, but I still use a wall calendar. That way, I can see what is coming up in the near future without relying on the internet…and all its distractions!

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  7. I like the way you’re using the watch to trigger essential personal well-being reminders! πŸ™‚ “Bee int he moment” is excellent. I have a lot of garden bees right now, and I think I’ll take a cue from you to be more mindful when I see them. Thank you, Val!

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  8. It is your energy Val.. Were they battery driven? If so batteries around our home drain in half their expected time.. The incoming energies also draining them..
    Love the design of your Happy Watch.. Thankfully I have not needed to wear a watch in the last five years.. Its wonderful to no longer live life by the clock.. Something my working life constantly did… to the minute..

    Love and Blessings dear Val.. I hope this watch keeps perfect Time, ❀
    Much Love ❀


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