Be Present to Negative Emotions

Go ahead and embrace the importance of negative emotion. Your emotions and the way you feel is your guidance system and it is telling you everything you need to know.

If you feel negative emotion, then you are either resisting how things are in the present moment, resisting something that was in the past, or resisting something that you think might be in the future.

Take a moment to reflect on this and see if this is true for you.

As human beings lost in our own stories, we immediately point to the outside world to create excuses as to why we can’t be happy and at peace right now.

We tell ourselves ”If that had turned out differently, then I’d be happy.
If he/she hadn’t done that to me, then I’d be happy.
If this goes the way the I want it to go, then I’ll be happy”

The moment you stop resisting life and pointing fingers at the outside world, the more a deep sense of joy and inner freedom will arise within you.

You’re an eternal being. Your consciousness cannot be destroyed. The greatest joy that you can feel is when your being comes into alignment with the very deepest, eternal, aspect of your consciousness.

What’s the one thing that you can do to allow your soul to come into alignment? Resist nothing. Surrender to everything that arises in the present moment without judgment.

Everything that you are searching for will arise from within you at a deeper and more profound level when you stop resisting what is happening.


38 thoughts on “Be Present to Negative Emotions

  1. Ignoring negative emotions would be like being half a person. We are supposed to have balance and that goes for those feelings as well. We just need to manage them better, walk through them, not sit and bathe in them. Good reminder.

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  2. Excellent reminder that joy is within us (not without). Just dig into the heart. On days that I’m grumpy, I always remember Abe Lincoln’s quote “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” So true. To aligning our souls with joy. โค

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  3. Hi Val
    Your posts are still so wonderfully meaningful – a joy to read again. Started blogging again about two weeks ago. Saw your name and just had to visit your blog. Hope you are keeping well.

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      • Thanks for your kind words of welcome, Val. Appreciate them. Yes, I’m very well. We’ve settled in The UK and are enjoying every moment. We are in Kent where we have bought a home and just love the county. Also have done quite a bit of travelling. The UK is very special to us and being close to our family is wonderful.


  4. So true, All things have purpose, even the negative…
    Understanding that, enables us to see all those times of turmoil and sorrow, made us who we are in the Present.. โค Much love to you..
    Enjoy your coming weekend Val โค

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