Yoga off the Mat – Breath Deeper

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“Yoga is about changing our habits”. ~Rodney Yee

One of the habits that shows up for everyone as they begin their yoga practice, is how we shorten and even hold the breath when sensation increases.

Holding our breath is a defense mechanism of the human body. It prepares us to react to a threat. However, it increases the tension and stress in the body, rather than bringing it to a state of balance.

In yoga we learn to deepen the breath when sensation increases. We breathe through tension and discomfort and allow the energy to keep flowing, rather than getting stuck.

What a great lesson to bring to our lives!

Yoga increases sensitivity and awareness. It will reveal where the body is tight, where mobility is limited and where energy is blocked.

In yoga we learn to breathe, feel, and where possible let go. Ultimately this helps us make more skillful, conscious choices and allows us to create greater fulfillment in life.

And it all starts with the breath.

Inhalations bring in new energy and help us feel. Exhalations release negative energy and help us relax.

Breath deeply as you move through the highs and lows of life, and make the ride easier.


41 thoughts on “Yoga off the Mat – Breath Deeper

  1. I have read that yoga is preparation for meditation

    You focus and relieve all tension in the body, a perfect body relaxation

    The breath does not need thought to happen, we breathe without thought

    Focused breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system, applying the brakes, calming our nerves

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  2. Yes…the breath! When I first learned to play tennis, Val, I realized that in was holding my breath almost the entire length of the point! Obviously, I would then be ‘out of breath!’ I had to ‘teach’ myself to breathe while playing. Yoga is so wonderful when you connect the breath with the body. I bet many people don’t breathe as well as they could.
    Hope you are well…have a great week! ๐Ÿ’œ

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  3. You’re right, the lessons we learn from yoga can help us in our daily lives as well. I do practice the deep breathing late at night when I’m having trouble falling asleep, or when I’m particularly upset about something. It helps!

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  5. Since I have started practicing yoga, I have noticed that throughout the day I am not breathing. I am actually holding my breath. So I take a moment and I breathe. I remind myself to do it and I remind others to do it as well!

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