Minds Like Crows

Enjoy this re-post from three years ago.

magpie nest

“Our minds are like crows.  They pick up everything that glitters, no matter how uncomfortable our nests get with all that metal in them.”  ~ Thomas Merton

I love this analogy. Its part of the human condition to keep picking up thoughts and not letting them go. Adding more and more until we find ourselves overwhelmed.

In yoga there is the term “monkey mind” for a mind that continues to jump from one thought to another. Whether monkeys or crows work for you, take a moment to reflect on how attached to you might be to your thinking.

Do you keep analyzing and adding more thoughts? Or perhaps jump from one to the next? How much are you adding to your mental clutter ?

metal clutter

When we take time to pause and be still, we become aware of our thinking. We realize we are not our thinking. As a witness to our thoughts, we become less attached to them.

With awareness comes detachment and the ability to let our thoughts go.

Don’t add to your inner clutter, find your middle ground.

38 thoughts on “Minds Like Crows

  1. Yes! Uncluttered minds. I thought this was going to be about physical stuff in our houses. I’m so bad about not letting go of stuff…and people keep giving me more! Haha. My mind, I think…and hope is way less cluttered. You’d think I would rub off on myself and get rid of stuff! Thanks Val.

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  2. It’s all about letting go or you could call it purging, isn’t it? Not just materialistic possessions that clutter our physical space, but also negative psychic impressions, negative emotions and thoughts that we have accumulated along our journey and which we have a hard time releasing.. But the more we collect, the more we tether ourselves to our mortal existence by creating more karma/ increasing our karmic debt. By letting go, we free ourselves from this self imposed bondage. Easier said than done ofcourse. Another thought provoking post, Val. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  3. Val, I like the quote too. I think SM is problematic in thay regard, especially busy, busy stuff like FB and Twitter. I’ve dropped FB totally and hardly look at Twitter now because they just seem like towers of babble.

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