Bring Yourself to Life

Let go of “me against life”

It allows the fear to grow.

Know that you are a part of life

Not separate from it.

People care about you

They see the light within

When you are lost in the dark.

Turn inwards

Let go of those thoughts

And find that you are so much more.

Embrace the “life within me”

And bring yourself to life.

43 thoughts on “Bring Yourself to Life

    • Thank you Lorrie. I am settling back home after 2 weeks in Europe. It feels good to be back. Finding my middle ground is all about being home… and creating space for me to simply Be. πŸ’•


    • It sure does. We all go through times when fear makes itself known …. yet moving beyond fear and into connection is where we can truly thrive and live life fully. Thank you Nancy. πŸ’›


  1. great reminder, beautifully written and paired with a lovely image. The sense of isolation is different to aloneness; and I can always reconnect quickly as soon as I go out and sit down outdoors. And breathe. like, magic! well, almost πŸ™‚ Thanks Val for a wonderful morning post, cheers.

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  2. Perfectly said. It’s short yet so meaningful. We often get caught up in life we forget to enjoy the simple things. We forgot it’s okay not to be okay. We constantly our life to others and how perfect there life. At least we think it that way. But in fact we just need to slow and take a breath. We need to know that the world is not perfect. So stop overthinking. Just let it go. Thank you for you post. It was so beautiful.

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