Inspiration – Dandelions

dandelion wisdom

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Sometimes traditional stories hit the right spot. This one often does for me.

Nadia spent the whole autumn sowing and preparing his garden. In the spring, the flowers opened, and Nadia noticed a few dandelions that he had not planted.

Nadia pulled them up. But the seeds had already spread, and others grew. He tried to find a poison that would kill only dandelions. An expert told him that any poison would end up killing all the other flowers too. In despair, Nadia sought help from a gardener.

‘It’s just like marriage,’ said the gardener. ‘Along with the good things, there are always a few inconveniences.’

‘What should I do, then?

‘Nothing. They may not be the flowers you intended to have, but they are still part of the garden.’


May we embrace all aspects of our garden and the unexpected that life brings our way.

37 thoughts on “Inspiration – Dandelions

  1. Dandelions are an edible food. The only reason I pull them is because my HOA is so strict about weeds. I like to leave them for the bees to have early food. And they hold the ground showing you where you need to work a little harder. 🙂

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  2. As my 9-year-old granddaughter says, “What wrong with dandelions? They’re cheerful and they’re pretty.” Just like those “inconveniences” in our life. Looked at another way, we see the good, the sweet, the necessity of inconvenience. xo

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