nurture and restore


Take time to nurture

Settle in the here and now

Find Your Middle Ground


The next Restorative Yoga Workshop will be on Saturday August 15 at 10.30 am. If you are near Media, Pennsylvania, why not join me for some nurturing and nourishment for body mind and spirit. Check it out at Watts of Yoga.

* If you are new to this site, welcome!

To explore more about finding your middle ground, please click here.

18 comments on “* Haiku – Settle in

  1. Aw…I’d love to settle in with that cute puppy. Happy Friday, Val! ❤

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  2. To settle in on the mat, moving deeper into being present in the middle ground with you as my guide would be amazing! Wish I was in Media, Pennsylvania. Blessings.

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  3. Thanks for the welcome as I’m new to this site by way of L.Marie.
    It’s that ‘middle ground’ I’m in the process of snuggling into, albeit not a cutely as Puppy!

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  4. Great picture selection to go with your haiku! Love them both!

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  5. Oh the pic embraced me right away!

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  6. Doing that very thing in my gardens today, Val. And what an adorable picture!!! ❤

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  7. It’s important to take the time to nurture ourselves…even on a soft red pillow 🙂 He’s too cute ❤

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  8. Wise words and an adorable shot.

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