awaken into being


Find Your Middle Ground

Beyond the limits of time

Connecting through space


Touching you right here.

It only takes a moment

to pause and connect.


Let the warm embrace 

of the divine universe

flow into your being.


Knowing you are one

Put aside the anguished self

Set your Self free

How many times do we need to hear this? … So many.

How many times do we need to live by this? … Only once.

Each of us in our own time. 💛

23 comments on “* Flow into Your Being

  1. Really liked this post, Val. When we touch the right place in our heart for calming and finding groundedness, it really does only take a moment. But oh so true that we often need reminders…. 🙂

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  2. Anne Kaarina

    Reblogged this on Anne Kaarina.

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  3. These reminders are inVALuable Val; they take us out of our self-centric world, and release awareness into the unbounded space that is always accessible. H ❤

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    • I am HARdly surprised by your comment H! 🙂 May we all shine a light into this unbounded space. As you say, it is there for us all and is part of us all.

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  4. suzicate

    ❤ Beautiful words and advice…yes, we each get there in our own time. 🙂

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  5. Just be. Just flow. 😎

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  6. Thank you Val. x
    “Pausing to connect” and “putting aside the anguished self.”

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  7. Flowing…thanks for your valuable reminder, Val!

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  8. Good to be within the flow of your connection Val.. 🙂 thank you x

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  9. Ah yes – so lovely!

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  10. I am going to visit this more than one time today, Val. Thank you!

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  11. This Poem shall be the best one to meditate upon.
    If one could do that, that’s the final attainment.
    Since you teach YOGA I hope you understand better.

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