* Stop Trying to Let it go

In a conversation with my friend Rikki the other day we talked about lessons from dogs. I hope you are listening Paul and Pharaoh over at Learning from Dogs

“Letting go” came up  and Rikki noticed how there is a difference between a dog giving over a toy or ball, compared with a dog who is told to “let it go”.

let it go

What comes to mind when you think about what you would like to let go of? Its likely to be about letting go of trying to control things that are not within your control right?!?

… Like changing the personality of a colleague or partner… or letting go of trying to do everything perfectly … or letting go of taking on so much… or letting go of resentment because things didn’t go your way.

Take a note of whatever comes to mind right now.

Now notice your mindset or attitude. Do you sense resistance to letting this go? Perhaps there are judging thoughts about how its not possible, stupid…. This is your ego thinking rebelling to the idea of not being in control. This thinking comes from fear.

Remember your thinking is not the truth.

Now imagine the dog who comes over and gives you their precious toy. In giving it over, the inner mindset shifts from one of resistance to one of openness and giving. This comes from love.

The next time you want to let it go, come from your heart and give it over.

And say thank you ❤️

44 thoughts on “* Stop Trying to Let it go

  1. Nice try Val, but ain’t no one gettin’ my tennis ball! 😉 Seriously though, this is a very beautiful way of thinking of relinquishment, and associating the whole with the loving, open way in which our pet dogs invite us to play is a delightful way of embedding the matter in memory.

    Hariod Federuff, or is it Boris Barker? ❤

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  2. Fear of letting go emanates from the ego as it tries to control the external world, and generally fails, causing unhappiness. We can only change ourselves, then perhaps the world, or part of it, may follow. And if it doesn’t, so what? Any concern there is down to …. the ego proclaiming ‘my way is right!’

    We cannot force love upon the world, but if we demonstrate and live joy and love, it is infectious! Our dear animal friends show us the way 🙂

    When we truly understand this reality and begin to overcome the ego, we start to relinquish the futile act of trying to change others or the world. Then life’s problems melt away.

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  3. My dog pushes toys at us but won’t let go….guess I better not act like that though I admit I give things over I take back at later dates. I need to learn not to revisit these things unless it truly is in my best interest such as reiterating a lesson I should have learned.


  4. Val, thank you so much for the mention. Picking up on the comment left by Diana, and implied by others, dogs are an incredible example of unconditional love. Not in every single animal but in a proportion so way ahead of us dear humans!

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  5. Letting go is massive for me. I am trying to let go of my Mums possessions, her handbag is one thing I can’t let go of. It sounds weird right? But its true. It was so personal for her. I can dedicate a whole post to it! I will be! 🙂 Love your blog, it all looks great. xx

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  7. Many of us spend far too much time and energy worrying about things out of our control. This is a great reminder of the importance of letting it go. (Came this way via Jennifer’s Journal. Lovely post!)

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  8. Well said, and once we let go of whatever it is, we will feel so much better. The weight lifted is very freeing. Came over from Jennifer’s Journal and look forward to reading more from you. 🙂

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