* Existence – Alan Watts Inspiration

Are you ready for some wonderful images and radical insights from Alan Watts?  I really enjoy his mind opening perspectives!

Why not join me and take a few moments to pause and reflect on this.

Existence is relationship … and you are smack in the middle of it!

33 Comments on “* Existence – Alan Watts Inspiration

  1. Oh my Goodness, Val!!! What a wonderful video, what a wonderful present!!! It gave me the shivers… “Existence is relationship”… we are interdependent, we are INTERDEPENDANCE!!! Thank you and much love to you ♥♥


  2. I love the phrase “Existence is relationship and you are smack in the middle of it.” Enjoyed the video – thanks Val.


  3. Very thought provoking Val and a great reminder to keep respect and immense wonder close to our hearts, so we can always appreciate and be grateful.

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  4. “If there were no eyes, there would be no sun”. Wow. Fantastic video, Val, one that is just so powerful IF we have ears to hear. Thank you. Love, Amy


  5. Lovely! A reminder that we are living in the realm of the relative…and choosing to be curious, in awe, in wonder makes it all the more exciting! Smack in the middle of it all… 😉


  6. Thank you Carrie. Yes we are part of the relative and being in relation to everything and everyone around us.Gosh I should feel dizzy … but I don’t!


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