* Behind Every Label …

labeling a person

Behind every label is …
A need to resolve complexity
A drive to know and understand
An impulse to feel secure in that knowing
A sense of comfort when feeling in control

When we label people however, it brings …
A distancing from the rest of the person’s qualities
A withdrawal from our humanity
Closed-mindedness and stereotyping
This kind of judgment is the precursor to violence and war.

What if we could let go of labeling?
Would we be more accepting of complexities and the unknown?
Be more open to not knowing?
See more clearly what we have in common rather than our differences?
Bring more compassion, kindness and acceptance into our lives?
Get along with our fellow imperfect human beings?

Our brain is built to analyze and filter information. We may not be able to erase labeling from our minds, but we can bring a more mindful awareness to it and its impact on all of our relationships.

Why not bring in this new awareness as you go about your day today πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “* Behind Every Label …

  1. Ah Val! as Yvonne said, a great post! We tend to label people and it is such a mistake.
    Your second stanza is SO true… you have beautifully expressed a very important spiritual truth… our world needs beacons of light like you πŸ™‚ THANK YOU β™₯


  2. Sometimes, we hear or read words which, whilst they may be understood and appreciated at one level, in fact contain a profundity that may be revealed upon deeper reflection. Your words here Val, are an exceptional example of this.

    Hariod. ❀

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  3. Wise words Val. The point you make of our need to be aware of our tendency to label is a good one. The complexity of this tendency is very real and I’m not sure as to whether we can ever cure it, but through a perpetual conscious of it we can manage it being only too aware of its consequences should we allow it to manage us.


  4. Becoming conscious of this habit is important. Thanks for the reminder Val, to practice having an open and accepting heart and mind.


  5. Wow, Val, I am stunned at the synchronicity of your post and my life. I’ve been attempting to show my husband when he labels, or assumes, and then projects that onto another person, that filter is filmy and cloudy, and very far from Truth. These discussions are not going over very well, for he does this without even knowing it. When done to me, it hurts. People have such a hard time letting go of labels for in doing so, they would have to see clearly within themselves. Love, Amy


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