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* Unconditional Love – A Poem by Joy Bush

I am so grateful to have been partnered with some amazing women at Kripalu as part of my 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training. We were asked to support each other in teaching what we had learned during the week. This is a poem written by Joy Bush to inspire us for our last yoga practice. It touched my heart… and I hope yours too. Thank you Joy for sharing your loving unique voice.


tender heart


I feel my own heart beating
Regardless of if I have been good or bad
Whether I am happy or sad.

She keeps a steady rhythm moving the fluid of life
Even when I ignore her in sleep
and don’t listen to her by day.

She doesn’t turn her back on me when I get angry.
That soft presence shames me into forgiveness
time and time again.

My heart beats as a witness to my sloppy mistakes
as well as my glowing successes
without judging one better than the other.

She is always happy to see me
when I return home to my body
from one of my epic mental journeys.

She is loyal and faithful.
She has never strayed
to beat for someone else.

I search everywhere for the comfort of this unconditional love
Too immature in my humanness to remember
She has been here for me this whole time.

p.s. Joy is leading a yoga inspired retreat to Machu Picchu, Peru this summer with Global Yoga Journeys. WOW – Check it out!

machu picchu

3 comments on “* Unconditional Love – A Poem by Joy Bush

  1. Beautiful poem and reminder. Thanks Val.


  2. Oops, nice poem Joy! 🙂


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