I woke up this morning with these words … again.

“Life is a series of highs and lows

Be grateful for the highs

Be graceful in the lows

And find contentment in your middle ground.”

When we wake up with something on our mind, its usually our subconscious bringing our attention to something to explore now we are awake.This is what came to me…. Its a bit of a word conundrum, so bear with me!

dancing flower girl

Have you noticed that when we are experiencing life’s highs we are naturally graceful. We are assured, confident, positive, open, curious and loving. We move through life with grace and ease, ready to open to whatever opportunity arises. 

What if being graceful and grateful were really connected to each other? What if being grateful helps us to be graceful, just as being graceful helps us to feel grateful?

I know its a bit of tongue twister! Why not sit with this for a moment and then try this on….

The next time you are in one of life’s lows, change your thoughts to what you are truly grateful for. From the breath you can take and the food you can eat, to the people and animals in your life who appreciate you!

See if being grateful leads you to your Middle Ground where you can find your gracefulness once more.

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