Looking back on my own journey, I realize that the first step – getting to know myself, was exciting and captivating – as long as I only looked at the things I liked about myself…..images

Being an observer of all aspects of ourselves – without judgment – is the hardest step of all.

As a coach, I really wanted to be good at my own personal growth, and was hard on myself when I wasn’t! While I was able to be understanding and compassionate to others, I wasn’t able to give myself that same compassion. I gave myself an A for empathy … but when it came to myself I was a poor C.

This went on for years. I thought I was evolving. Helping and supporting others. Becoming a more caring human being. Becoming more giving…..

…  And then my yoga practice helped me see the truth. I was kidding myself. No one can be enlightened without being compassionate towards themselves.

Kitten seeing reflectionGetting real about ourselves is an empowering step on our evolution as human beings. When we accept ourselves just as we are, without judgment – on the yoga mat or off it –  then we find our middle ground.

It took me years to get over this conditioning and to start being kind and accepting of myself.

Its never too late to start on this journey of acceptance and self caring. The next time you hear your inner critic, ask yourself  “Is this really the truth or could this be a habit that no longer serves me”?

Then give yourself a big hug 😊

15 comments on “The Hardest Step on Our Journey

  1. Exploring the self is one of the most challenging experiences possible. The within, what we cant hide or run… I am trying… I believe its going to be a trying experience for a while…


    • Hi Diana – I hear you. Be gentle on yourself as you learn to face all aspects of your inner world. Find balance by nurturing and nourishing yourself. Its all good … even when we don’t think so at the time! Val x


  2. Cathy Fraser

    This is the absolute truth. I needed to read this post, I have been really struggling with myself lately. I have been really trying to find a way to peace within myself. I would recommend Evolving Towards Peace by Jalaja Bonheim, jalajabonheim.com. There is just something in her words that I found real and attainable. She tells of deep transformaitons, and healing the heart. It’s a great read.


  3. Reblogged this on Find Your Middle Ground and commented:

    Enjoy this re-blog from days of yore with truth that still speaks loud and clear.


  4. Reena Davis

    This is such a difficult lesson for so many of us. I go on and on about being compassionate to self in yoga classes and I’ve gotten a lot better at it over the years, but still lose myself in the self doubting criticism from time to time. It’s always a journey 🙂

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  5. As always Val, your words really hit the spot!

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  6. Lovely meditation here on going deeper into ourselves, Val. I think as women we are often expected to help others and be nurturing; but it can build up to resentment if our deepest needs are not being met, and our lives are spent tending to others and ultimately not ourselves. This is a wonderful post about self love~~

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    • Thank you Jet for your kind words and insight. I’m glad it resonated with you.💛 I agree that many of us are focused on helping others that we lose the ability (if we ever learned it!) to help and nourish ourselves.

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  7. Hugs self* 🙂

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