* The Hardest Step on Our Journey

Enjoy this re-blog from days of yore with truth that still speaks loud and clear.

Find Your Middle Ground

Looking back on my own journey, I realize that the first step – getting to know myself, was exciting and captivating – as long as I only looked at the things I liked about myself…..images

Being an observer of all aspects of ourselves – without judgment – is the hardest step of all.

As a coach, I really wanted to be good at my own personal growth that I was hard on myself when I wasn’t! While I was able to be understanding and compassionate to others, I wasn’t able to give myself that same compassion. I gave myself an A for empathy … but when it came to myself I was a poor C.

This went on for years. I thought I was evolving. Helping and supporting others. Becoming a more caring human being. Becoming more giving…..

…  And then my yoga practice helped me see the truth. I was…

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9 Comments on “* The Hardest Step on Our Journey

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  2. I have noticed that the Universe is so quick to remind me to look at all my “aspects”. As I read my books & do my exercises & notice that I seem to be overcoming my failings… WHOMP! Up pops a situation that completely knocks me off balance. And then it takes me several days to remember that being perfect isn’t the point. I’m so grateful. Thanks, Universe.

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